Fun MT Facts

Montana was home to “Evel” Knievel – daredevil motorcycle rider – Butte.
Montana has the largest fresh water lake west of the Mississippi River – Flathead Lake.
Montana has the headwaters to and the largest part of USA’s longest river – Missouri River – 2,540 miles.
Montana has the largest waterfall on the Missouri River – Great Falls – water drops 400’ in 8 miles.
Montana has the shortest USA river – Roe River by Great Falls – 201’.
Montana has the largest earthen filled dam in the world – Fort Peck Dam.
Montana has the 5th largest man made lake in the USA – Fort Peck Reservoir.
Montana is the only USA state where rivers empty into 3 different bodies of water – Pacific Ocean, Gulf of Mexico (Atlantic Ocean) and Hudson Bay (Arctic Ocean).
Montana’s lowest elevation is on the Kootenai River (that also flows back into Canada) – Troy – 1820’.
Montana is the 4th largest USA state – following Alaska, Texas and California.
Montana has the only confirmed EXACT location of a Lewis & Clark Camp – Traveler’s Rest – Lolo.
Montana has the “Pompeys Pillar” landmark, named after Sacagawea’s son in 1806 – Yellowstone River.
Montana has the longest undammed river in the USA’s lower 48 – Yellowstone River – 692 miles.
Montana is the location of the FIRST Gideon Bible placement in hotels – Superior – part of the “Wild West”?
Montana is home to 2 land regions – The Great Plains and the Rocky Mountains with the Continental Divide.
Montana has one of the world’s largest smokestacks – Anaconda – 585’.
Montana is home to “Custer’s Last Stand” or the Bighorn Battlefield – Hardin – 1876.
Montana has the “richest hill on earth” site and “USA’s largest copper mine” – Butte.
Montana was home to the famous western artist Charles M “Charlie” Russell – Great Falls.
Montana has a larger population of cattle than people – 2.5 to 1.
Missoula is the “HUB” of 5 valleys and approx. half-way between Glacier National Park (has 250 lakes & more than 50 glaciers) and Yellowstone National Park (the oldest USA national park – 1872). Montana has 3 of the 5 park entrances to Yellowstone National Park.
Missoula is the USA national headquarters for the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Boone & Crockett Club, Bike Centennial Inc. nka Adventure Cycling Assoc., and the US Forest Service.
Montana is called the “Treasure State”, “Big Sky Country” and “The Last Best Place”…come and see why.
Lastly…Montana has NO general sales tax – thus buying products in Montana, helps keep Montana Green.

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